Monday, July 8, 2013

Price of Samsung galaxy tab 3 in all different sizes

Some European stores uncovered today  for the first time about the price of the latest  Samsung tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that works by Android jelly between 4.2. OS.
 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 img

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Prices:
1.The Galaxy Tab 3  with 10.1-inch of size screen priced at $ 500 for the 16 GB.
The Galaxy Tab 3  with 10.1-inch
2.The Galaxy Tab 3  with 8 inches of screen size priced at $ 400. 
.The Galaxy Tab 3  with 8 inches

3.The Galaxy Tab 3 with 7-inch of screen size priced at $ 266 only. 
The Galaxy Tab 3 with 7-inch
These prices, of course, subject to increase or decrease depending on the store and the state, but keep the basis of prices in all cases.

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