Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nokia Camera Grip for lumia 1020 price ,new nokia lumia 1020 Accessories

Experimenting with the camera Just as we expected, Nokia announced a peculiar accessory for its new Lumia 1020 smartphone. It is known as the Nokia Camera Grip and it is more or less the device we expected it to be, given the fact that images of it leaked on the web already. 
Nokia Camera Grip for lumia 1020 price

Think of the Nokia Camera Grip as a snap-on shell for the Nokia Lumia 1020, designed in a way to make the handset feel more like a camera when in use. The accessory has its own large button that rests right on top of the 2-stage shutter key, easing the process of focusing and composing each picture. In addition, the Camera Grip holds extra juice - 1020mAh is the exact capacity of the case's built-in rechargeable battery, which we assume would boost the Nokia Lumia 1020's longevity by about 50%. A threaded receptacle on the side of the accessory allows the smartphone to be mounted on a tripod.
The Nokia Camera Grip, available in white, black, and yellow, will be released alongside the Lumia 1020 later this month.
The nokia lumia 1020 camera grip costs  $79.
source: Nokia via phonearena

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