Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The new Touch Block feature to prevent unintentional touches in Xperia ZR

A new feature to Xperia ZR (C550X) handsets called Touch Block. What this feature does is disable the touch screen to avoid unintended touches, such as under wet conditions. You can take calls as normal though as Touch Block doesn’t interfere here. The Application is currently in beta with version 0.1.A.1.0 released. There is also a Small Application available for Touch Block to easily enable the feature. Sony may only be making this app available to water resistant handsets, although we’ll have to wait and see.
Screenshots of  Touch Block 
_1Screenshots of  Touch Block _nilephones.blogspot.com

2_Screenshots of  Touch Block _nilephones.blogspot.com

3_Screenshots of  Touch Block _nilephones.blogspot.com

4_Screenshots of  Touch Block _nilephones.blogspot.com
images Source:SECafe.vn.

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